Manual Handling Solutions to Prevent Back Injuries at Work

100% Compliance

We help you to ensure that you are fully compliant by providing the right equipment for each lifting application.

100% Satisfaction

We want you to be 100% happy with your product and we will work hard to earn that.  Your satisfaction is the measure of our success.

100% Engagement

Our focus is to eliminate back injuries at work, which will return you the reward of employee engagement and productivity.

100% Fair

We all want value for money, but we understand quality comes with a price, so we make it easy for you with a choice of payment options.

Unisaas Lifting and Handling Ltd. What do we do?

  • 20+ Years Experience

    Over 20 years experience working with Health, Safety, Operations, Engineering & Production teams.

  • Industry Expertise

    We have an in-depth understanding of shop floor operations and work with operators and managers to provide perfect solutions.

  • Service & Support

    Our head office is based in London with our main sales office based in Cheshire. We provide UK coverage for service & support with supply lines throughout Europe.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    Where your needs and our expertise cross paths, we will put in 100% effort to find the best solution for you, even if that means referring you to an alternative supplier.

  • Health and Safety

    Create a safe working environment for your employees with zero back injuries, whilst complying with health and safety requirements.

  • Production Efficiency

    Introducing manual handling equipment doesn’t necessarily mean faster output, but it always means safer work. Where there are safe working processes there are efficiencies above and beyond speed.

Bespoke SIMPLIFT Electric Lifters

SIMPLIFT electric lifters are designed to be truly bespoke, having the flexibility to adapt to a wide and variable range of applications. This enables individuals to carry out a much wider scope of activity with far less risk of personal injury.


Need a Bespoke Handling Solution for your Business?

We are always here to help! To contact the team direct, please call +44 (0) 20 3805 1080 email or Contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you asap!

1 + 6 = ?

We don’t presume to have the answer to every manual handling issue you may have, but where your challenge crosses our expertise, we will assign 100% of our focus and attention to providing you with the very best quality and service.

We will promise you 100% attention on site visits, thorough product specification, demonstrations where possible, delivery only of the highest quality equipment and ongoing after care and service that will fully underpin and justify your decision to use us.

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