Let’s face it, most of us are pretty busy for most of the time and a lot of that time is spent in the whirlwind of day to day activity.

What we’ve found over the last 10 – 20 years is that anyone involved in Health & Safety in any way are particularly busy, to the degree where often things are perhaps not as efficient as they should be.

So when faced with the opportunity of trying to implement a new system which will improve efficiency. It often seems that the biggest barrier standing in our way is the time and resource to implement the system properly.

We are quite literally too busy to stop. We need to take a step back and put a system in place that will free up huge amounts of time!

In the blur of the whirlwind we “zero in” on the metrics that matter and focus entirely on the things that haven’t been done to try and boost output figures as best we can with what we’ve got. (Or put another way, using the stick not the carrot).

The ironic thing about this is that if we were just to take a step back (hear me out all you mad-busy production managers…) and take the time to implement a new and better system properly. We would very quickly find ourselves ahead of the game.

We are under no illusion that our new Risk Assessment, Audit and Accident Reporting solution will be a game changer for many companies over the following years, but we are also under no illusion that it will be a challenge to get companies to buy into it.

People will love the concept and be totally enthusiastic about it, but will struggle to find time in their daily whirlwind to be able to successfully implement it. The culture of resistance to change, focussing purely on output metrics rather than processes, getting the right people to just stop for a moment…

And that’s where we come in… A service focussed on implementation, with unlimited training and support.

Let us do the legwork with your team, to work with them and support them every step of the way. So, that the implementation can take place without unnecessary disruption to the daily output. Along with guaranteed results, greater efficiency and a reduction in accident and injury statistics.