1) Are your RAs too subjective? Unisaas allows you to collaborate with your team both up and down, so everyone gets involved and can assist in accuracy

2) Are your RAs difficult to implement? With Unisaas, you can delegate tasks to your workforce so that they can get involved in the process. We call it “buy-in”.

3) Are your assessors competent? Whilst we can’t make someone competent, Unisaas will allow you to create customised assessment forms that almost anyone can fill in with a high degree of accuracy.

4) Are your RAs too generic? Using our “Drag ‘n’ Drop” feature you can customise your RAs to be as specific or as broad as you want. You choose what goes in there.

5) Is your Health and Safety process inconsistent? Unisaas will allow consistency across multiple sites globally, whilst still allowing for site specific content depending on your requirements.

6) Are your RAs unnecessarily complicated? Unisaas has been specifically designed to be simple. User experience is as critical to us as our success.

7) Is your RA process flow unclear? Simplicity and ease of use has been one of the highest priorities during our development phase.

8) Do you struggle to create ownership and accountability for your RAs? With the delegation feature, users are assigned tasks that don’t close out until they are completed. You can place a certain amount of responsibility in to their hands.

9) Does your culture cause you to overlook safety? Unisaas has been designed to create cultures of safety by enabling everyone in an organisation to participate in the H&S process, empowering them to work together as a team.

10) Do your RAs come in too many formats? Unisaas will bring clarity and consistency across the board whether you have just one site or you have many sites globally.

11) Do you struggle to track actions from your RAs? All actions from RAs become tasks which need to be scheduled and delegated before you can come back out of the program. These remain live until they have been closed out.

12) Do you struggle to retrieve historical data? Unisaas archives every Risk Assessment, Task, Incident and Accident report in a simple, searchable format, so that your data is never lost.

13) Do you struggle to manage reports and updates? Unisaas allows reports to be formed from pretty much any piece of data you need, and updates from the main admin dashboard are pushed out across the whole system.

14) Is scheduling a problem for you? Once a task has been created it has to have an action date allocated to it before it can be completed. Set the date and delegate the task, it’s as simple as that.

15) Is it difficult to define realistic control measures? This can be quite subjective, but Unisaas means you work as a team therefore your assessment and judgments can be reviewed by your colleagues. No one person needs to be held totally accountable.

16) Is the risk factor difficult to assess? Creating customised RA forms means you get to say what the risk factor should consist of and how it can be worked out. Again you will be working as a team now, not an individual so use your colleagues to help.

17) Is implementation a problem for you? Because you can delegate some or all of any one risk assessment to the guys on the shop floor, it means that they will take ownership for their own work thereby more quickly adopting any changes or improvements.

18) Do you find that control measures are sometimes not put in place, even after an assessment has been done? Action items are turned into tasks that are then delegated and scheduled, and can’t be closed out until they are completed. Photo evidence can be used as well.