Pushing and pulling heavy loads contributes to a significant number of serious back injuries at work each year.

Movexx electric tugs are a unique family of versatile and simple to operate machines, designed to do all the hard work shifting wheeled loads, leaving your operators in good health, without risk of injury.

UNI/T1000B 1 ton Electric Tug

UNI/T1000 1 ton Electric Tug

UBI/T1000RVS 1 ton Stainless Electric Tug

UNI/T1000CR 1 ton Electric Tug for Clean Room

UNI/T1000D 1 ton Electric Tug

UNI/T1000P 1 ton Electric Tug with Tow Pin

UNI/T1000PF 1 ton Electric Platform Tug

UNI/T1000PF-RVS 1 ton Stainless Electric Platform Tug

UNI/T1000RZ 1 ton Electric Tug with Lifter

UNI/T1500 1.5 ton Electric Tug

UNI/T1500RVS 1.5 ton Stainless Electric Tug

UNI/T1500CR 1.5 ton Electric Tug for Clean Room

UNI/T1500D 1.5 ton Electric Tug

UNI/T1500RZS 1.5 ton Electric Tug with Lifter

UNI/T2500 2.5 ton Electric Tug

UNI/T2500CR 2.5 ton Electric Tug for Clean Room

UNI/T2500P 2.5 ton Electric Tug

UNI/T2500PF 2.5 ton Electric Platform

UNI/T2500S 2.5 ton Electric Scooter

UNI/T3500 3.5 ton Electric Tug

UNI/P300 750kg Electric Platform

UNI/BM500 Bed Mover with Remote Control

UNI/BT4000 4 ton Ride-on Electric Tug

Made in Holland to the highest specification, Movexx tugs have style, comfort and ergonomic design as standard.

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