UNI/W12 Pallet Stacker

UNI/PL13/16/20/25 Pallet Stacker range

UNI/PL range is a professional pallet stacker family with a load capacity of up to 1300, 1600, 2000 and 2500kg respectively. It is available in several versions and it can be adapted to cover 24/7 working shifts.

Li-Ion Battery Compatible, ATEX approved, Cold Store compatible

Light But Strong

UNI/W12 electric pallet stacker series is designed to be the most compact, handy and easy to use. The mast is extremely compact in height, this allows the machine to be operated even under restricted height areas. The narrow steering radius allows the machine to be driven through small aisles. The lateral tiller and the compact design allow great visibility and superior maneuverability. UNI/W12 is a stacker with a modern ergonomic design, with a handy storage compartments to hold packaging equipment or other tools.


2 x 12V 110Ah Pb acid
2 x 12V 100Ah gel


1600mm Simplex
2900mm Duplex
3600mm Duplex
4200mm Duplex


Rubber traction wheel ring
Proportional lift control of forks
Cold store
Version SLG
Speed selector turtle/hare
Additional Hydraulic exit for equipment
Speed limitation for lifting load
Block-notes holder
Gloves compartment
LED hour meter